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Links to Other Pages About Menthol

I test these links every few months or so on a very lazy schedule, so I can't guarantee that they work today. Email me if one doesn't, though, and I'll check it sooner.

  1. First and formost, Menthol finally has a domain of their own: Yeah!
  2. The Menthol message board @ artistdirect
  3. Another Menthol message board @ yahoo
  4. A short review of Danger: Rock Science!
  5. A review & samples from Danger: Rock Science!
  6. Three words about Danger: Rock Science!, may '98
  7. A review of The Winter Dance Party: Triple Fast Action & Menthol in Chicago, jan '98, and the same with the Smoking Popes present in NYC, feb '98.
  8. Chris Ballew of the Presidents of the U.S.A. ranks Menthol as the 7th best album of 1996 (scroll down or search for "Menthol") This shouldn't come as a big surprise, BTW, since the PotUSA and Menthol toured together that summer.
  9. A biography of Menthol and a revue of Menthol, jul '96.
  10. A review of Menthol in The Boston Phoenix, mar '96.
  11. New and Modern: A two paragraph review of Menthol, jan '96. (scroll down or search for "Menthol")
  12. Menthol Menthol one paragraph review in RADzine by Jeff Jolley, 1996.
  13. An early interview with Balthazar from the summer of '95 by David Robbins in RADzine.
  14. Mud Record's page about Gold Record LP. (Includes some sound samples)

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