James Sachs' Amiga

James Sachs drew the digital artwork in many popular Amiga games I played, especially Defender of the Crown (EA, 1986). He also drew for advertisements and sometimes for contests. He usually drew using Deluxe Paint, carefully choosing his tiny 32 color pallet, and hand dithering each pixel. James was a Man.

My first exposure to his art was a picture he drew of his Amiga A1000. It shows the keyboard and interior of an A1000 (power supply on the left, the 3 custom chips (Agnus, Denise & Paula) at center, and the L shaped upside down WCS daughter-board on the bottom and right), the 1.1 or 1.2 Kickstart disk, and the Boing ball. I've opened my A1000 many times, and this pictures is very accurate, all the way down to the colors of the pins (some are alumnium, and some are gold), the layout of the resistors and transistors in the video output circuit (above the middle custom chip; the 3rd transistor is not visible), and the shadow of the grillwork between the power supply and the main case (below the boing ball).


Since James drew on an Amiga, his pixels were 10x12, and his screen resolution was 320x200 (or sometimes 640x400, but that mode only allowed 16 colors at once). So the picture above, which you are probably viewing as a .gif in a browser, is squashed and much smaller than your screen. So that you can better appreciate the detail work that went into this drawing, I've enlarged and distorted the image below. I think it better approximates the original's impact without loosing too much in the process.


If you liked this picture, or have fond memories of the early years of the Amiga, you'd probably enjoy these other examples of James' art.

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