Self-serving mythical awards and logos; a collection of WWW memorabilia

Here it is, the obligatory set of little pictures that are supposed to tell you where I'm at, but mostly wind up telling you where I've been.

These used to appear on the homepage itself but they confused a few people who couldn't find my email address in the clutter. So in the great reorganization of July '97, I moved them to a separate page that no-one will ever look at. Now that's service! You don't get that on an ordinary homepage, now. No siree you bet you don't. :-)   As an added bonus, I'm going to toss in, today only, the current time on the west coast of north america at no additional charge to you. Atomic Time, Baby That'll make you come back often I'm sure.

I support free speech on the net.

Like any sane person, if you're against this, I'm against you.

(And so's the supreme court, yay!)

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