Who is Nicolas?
Nicolas was a programmer employed by CML (Computational Modeling Lab) at the University of Illinois.
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What did Nicolas do all day?
Many things, but at CML (the Computational Modeling Lab) he worked on a program that drew maps of data about the people who inhabit the USA. Here's a screen shot of the Map program running, along with some techie explanation of what is going on. It was written for the lead programmer at DTG, the company I worked for after CML, in response to his question "Could I code in an OO style?"

Why am I asked to enter a login and password when I click on certain links?
Because some parts of this site are restricted. If you don't know the login/password then you're not invited.

Why a page about a stupid TV show?
Put it that way and you might not get an answer. Basically it happened like this: one week I was stuck ill in bed, and I actually tried to watch afternoon television. It was a big mistake, and Nuzzle & Sizzle saved my sanity. In recognition, I looked for a Nuzzle & Sizzle website on the net, and couldn't find one. So I put up my own.

For those who are keeping track, I've now gone back to my roots and am television-free. I left it back in IL when I moved to CA.

I know that it's 1997 and everyone else has a TV. Everyone? Well, not everyone....

Where are the bathrooms?
It's not a question that is often asked by visitors to websites, but it's a pretty common question during RL visits. So as a public service I'll inform you where to pee in upper downtown Chi' town: in the Terra Museum of American Art, the men's restrooms are on the 3rd and 5th floors, and women's restrooms are on the 2nd and 4th floors. And to think that some people say you don't learn a thing on the net.

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