Friends, Family, (Ex)Co-Workers, and assorted Countrymen

lend me your links and I'll place them here
that'll teach ya'

The URL List

Every homepage has one somewhere; you've found mine

The People


  • Michele Giulvezan-Tanner. She's my girlfriend and a painter. See the artwork of the woman who taught me about art by visiting her homepage.
  • Marcus Damberger's plain old page [that occasionally changes].
  • Allen Hall's Macintosh-like homepage. (listed despite his absolutely deplorable taste in politics)
  • Gao does indeed spend too much time on his homepage, but the results are worth it. (He's left for New York, but I'll keep this link around as long as his uiuc pages are still up.)
  • And (ex)co-workers:

  • Bernhard Damberger, the only man I know with his own private domain and no homepage!
  • Steve Ford's shining prosthetic limb. He uses frames because they're best for everyone concerned.
  • Steve Loyola's Best meta-bookstore.
  • Betty Olson's typing service.
  • Marcus Irven's (no longer) spartan look.
  • Jay Monkman's big WOW.
  • Vince Rezula's background image (and his Vanessa Paradis collection).
  • Anil Tandon's page.
  • Kurt Gimbel's transparent gifs.
  • Family:

  • My father's homepage. (Redesigned by yours truly, I might add)
  • My sister's homepage.
  • My mother hasn't got a homepage, but she does have an email address:
  • And for that matter so does my grandmother in France:
  • And here are people whom I don't know but who have a homepage:

  • Reading Tarik's long list of ex-girlfriends pays off when you get to Gillian.
  • If you enjoyed Tarik's style then you'll also enjoy this gripe about living in Bangkok.
  • Igor really really loves his sister a whole lot. He has a whole page dedicated to her. It makes you wonder...
  • The Places

  • It seems that some people out there expect me to have a link to a site in french, so now I do.
  • The diary of a man's bicycle ride from Alaska to Florida (he's finished that ride, but he promises to do another soon), and another person's diary of traveling around with a computer he calls Samantha.
  • Take this you induhviduals.**
  • Do I have to draw you a map?
  • ** DNRC member since 1995.

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