Everyone who owns an MC seems to want to talk about it on the web. I resisted the urge for nearly 11 months, but now I can't hold it back any more, so behold

The Motorcycle Page

There are not a lot of online motorcycle resources that I like. I'm picky. Sorry. Here they are:

TwistGrip    TwistGrip, the only decent american motorcycle magazine. It was a print magazine for four issues; now it's only a web site. I'm listing this link because I loved the only issue of the magazine I own (I received it as a freebie when purchasing a PitBull stand). Their web site has the same quality articles, but their web design is lacking a certain zing that the printed magazine had.

Interactive Motorcycle    The now defunct Interactive Motorcycle was the sanest american motorcycle magazine. This site included motorcycle fiction as well as the usual product reviews and opinion columns. The only beef I had with then is their love affair with the Kawasaki ZR-7. Everywhere else it was pegged as a heavy air-cooled inline four with mediocre components, and given its specs I was inclined to agree.

    Pashnit's California Motorcycle Roads an encylopedic and copiously illustrated and crosslinked list of our state's best. And the author reads (read) TwistGrip, and has ridden nearly everywhere.

    SF Urban Moto. Local motorcycle news and events.

    Dan's Motorcycle Repair & Engine Repair. This is the site for those who like opening up things. This guy does it all.

    Bike Bandit spare parts place. Cheaper than the local dealership, and you get to see all the part diagrams, so the "parts guy" doesn't have a chance to order you a clutch lever when you asked for a "shift lever".
    However Ron Ayers Motorsports is usually cheapest of all.

    Santa Cruz county road conditions or Santa Cruz country road closures.

And two local sites with some merit:

Squidly's online    Squidly's, and Poseurs.

Mentioned in passing:

webBikeWorld has a very extensive collection of links to articles about motorcycling and reviews of related products, and New Enough Leathers has lots of cheap gear.


Blue 1999 Suzuki SV650 SV Rider.com SV 650.org SV 650.org SV Rider.com Suzuki Cycles Headlight details (.de)


Oh yeah, I almost forgot: no MC page is complete without a full description of the ride. I ride a naked blue 1999 SV650, and I ride it in the Santa Cruz mountains of California. Could life possibly be any better? I think not. My regular haunts are Branciforte Rd., Zyante Rd., Bear Creek Rd, Soquel-San Jose Rd, Old Santa Cruz Highway, Highway 17, the beloved Highway 9, and when I desire the challenge of a extra-bumpy & crowned pavement, Mtn. Charlie Rd. The first year I owned the MC I took one of those paths every weekday on my commute. Now I work on the same side of the mountains as I live, and I miss the commute. I must be the only person who likes a 60 minute trip through a 1800 ft pass twice a day, every day. So nowdays I attend the Doc Wong street riding clinic when I feel lonely for a ride. Or I make up flimsy excuses to have to go over the hill.


Common 1999 SV650 Suzuki part numbers:

Doc Wong ride map (start to highway 1)



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